To scope a suitable information technology platform for the PICP members to strengthen and/or compliment existing Information management systems

Implementing Structure

A Programme Proposal for a PICP Pacific Information and Technology Program (PITP) was endorsed at the 2014 PICP Conference. Accordingly, the PICP Secretariat (PICP-S) was tasked to conduct a project scoping a suitable and sustainable IT system for Pacific law enforcement.

History in last 5 years

Throughout the Pacific there are a variety of different IT systems across our policing organisations. These systems have various degrees of capability and configuration and in many cases require upgrading to meet with current IT standards and enhanced capabilities. There is a desire by the PICP members to strengthen and standardise IT systems which will enable PICP members to cope with local and international demands.

At the 2014 PICP Conference Retreat, the Chiefs endorsed an agenda item by Australian Federal Police (AFP) Deputy Commissioner Peter Drennan to conduct a regional review of Information Management under the current theme of the PICP Commissioners. The Theme of this review was: – Application of Information Technology to Crime Information Management and the Scope: Assessment of current Crime Information Management Systems currently in use by Pacific Island Police in a Law Enforcement role.

Current Projects and/or Focus

The scoping project continues with engagement of expert advice and discussions with PICP Executive Leader and potential regional funding donors. The PITP Program Manager has also taken on the role of redesigning and maintaining a PICP official website and is in negotiations with a service provider to progress.

PICP Executive Leader:

Commissioner Royal Solomon Islands Police Frank PRENDERGAST

Programme Manager:

PICP-Secretariat [email protected]

PICP Secretariat Contact:

Executive Coordinator Bruce Sinclair
Ph: +64 48170208


AFP for initial scoping project activities.