The PTCN has been working collaboratively since 2002, to combat transnational crime across the Pacific region. The PTCN role is to provide a proactive operational criminal intelligence and investigative capability to combat transnational crime in the Pacific through a multi agency and regional approach (involves Police, Customs, Immigration with links to other agencies as referenced in stakeholder engagement below).

Implementing Structure

Since 2002 the network has expanded to 18 Transnational Crime Units (TCU’s) in 13 Pacific Island Countries. The exchange of information the Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre (PTCCC) based in Apia, Samoa supports operational activities and contributes to the identification of current and emerging risks in the region.

The strategic direction of the PTCN is set by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and is underpinned by three primary governance documents:

  • Memorandum of Agreement between Chair PICP & Chair PTCN Board of Management (BoM) supporting the continuation of the PTCCC and the PTCN;
  • Exchange of letters between PTCN BoM & AFP regarding funding; and
  • Memorandum of Understanding between PTCN BoM and Samoa Government to house PTCCC.

History in last 5 years

The annual PTCN Transnational Crime Assessment was developed to inform Pacific Island’s law enforcement decision makers. The assessment reflects trends and risks primarily facing the network, but also considers influential threats present in other countries across the wider region (Asia and Australasia). The PTCCC bi-annual Illicit Drug Seizures assessment also informs specifically of the trends of illicit drug trafficking in the Pacific Regions.

There are a number of non-police Pacific-based stakeholder organisations involved including: Pacific Islands Forum Regional Security Committee; Oceania Customs Organisation; Pacific Immigration Directors Conference; Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency; Joint Inter Agency Task Force-West; Pacific Patrol Boat Program; and Financial Intelligence Units).

Current Projects and/or Focus

PTCN is looking at a growth period: Negotiations and correspondence currently assessing viability to extend the Network into remaining PICP countries (America Samoa, Nauru, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Tuvalu & Guam) In February 2016, a Transnational Crime Unit was established in Santo, Vanuatu.

Broader PTCN activities currently include:

  1. TCU Team Leader Conference in Samoa September 2015
  2. PTCN monthly report introduced October 2015
  3. Reporting in the PTCN from TCUs tripled from October to November 2015.PTCCC activities currently include:

Information Management

  1. Assessments, subject profiles, alert notices
  2. Targeting packages
  3. Charting and analysis

PTCN website:

PICP Executive Leader

Commissioner Samoa Police Egon KEIL

Programme Manager

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

Ph: +61 261313000

Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre [email protected]

PICP Secretariat Contact

Executive Coordinator [email protected]

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