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Launch of the Pacific Regional Transnational Organised Crime Disruption Strategy

The inaugural Pacific Regional Transnational Organised Crime Disruption Strategy was launched at the recent Pacific Island Forum, Forum Sub-committee on Regional Security (FSRS) in Suva, Fiji on 10
April 2024.

Transnational organised crime (TNOC) has long been recognised as a significant security issue withinthe Pacific region, and this strategy provides a framework for a more coordinated, whole of system
response to TNOC.

In his opening remarks, Pacific Islands Forum Deputy Secretary General Esala Nayasi shared that “Transnational Organised Crime is a threat to regional security. For far too long, organised criminal
groups have been able to remain ahead and out of reach of law enforcement in the region”, further emphasising the need to work together.

Chair of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP), Tonga Police Commissioner Shane McLennan further reiterated “Given the geographic expanse and diverse nature of the Pacific islands, TNOC
poses unique and multifaceted threats, ranging from drug trafficking, firearms trafficking and human smuggling, to environmental crimes and cybercrime.”

“The disruption strategy launched here today, aims to enhance cooperation, share intelligence, and build the capacity of member states to prevent, detect, and respond to organised crime effectively”.
The strategy sets a vision for the Pacific to be the hardest region in the world for organised criminal groups and networks to operate in, and will be delivered through priority actions, which spans 2024 - 2028. The priority actions include a suite of activities to be led by forum members, Pacific regional Law Enforcement Secretariats, regional partners, and agencies.

For the PICP, key deliverables against this strategy include the Declaration of Partnership on Regional Security, shared with the Oceania Customs Organisation, Pacific Immigration Development Community, and Forum Fisheries Agency. Regular engagement as part of this partnership will improve overall awareness, preparedness, and response efforts towards TNOC. Other deliverables include Interpol Project Blue Pacific, and strengthening engagement and communications amongst the PICP endorsed Pacific Transnational Crime Network.

This strategy underscores the importance of delivering on Pacific Islands Forum Leaders 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, and vision of a future in which all Pacific peoples benefit from
safety, security, and prosperity.

A copy of the Pacific Regional TNOC Disruption Strategy can be viewed and downloaded here.